Flavour Solutions is a leading provider of Information Technology services, operating across Australia, the United Kingdom, Europe and South America.

We provide specialist IT consulting skills to deal not only with the pace of market demand, but the implications of emerging technologies, diverse legacy systems, and multiple application technologies.

Since our inception in 1996 Flavour Solutions have provided Information Technology expertise and solutions to various Government and Commercial Organisations.

Our people are energetic, globally focussed, multi-skilled and dynamic consultants specialising in project management, technology consulting, web development, training and general consultancy.

We are prudent in introducing consultants into Flavour Solutions as we believe "Our people are our business" and as a result we seek to utilise consultants with proven track records that will complement the rest of the Flavour Solutions team.

We have a wealth of experience and are well suited to meet the specific requirements of both the corporate and government sectors. As part of our partnering relationships we also have a large network of consultants who we work with to complement our own skill sets and to ensure all of our client requirements are met.

Our vision is to be the consultancy of choice in creating value for our clients through the delivery of cost effective, innovative, timely and high quality professional support.

Our client's success and ours as a company flows from five basic principles of our practice:

  • Listen
  • Understand the problem
  • Engage and empower participants
  • Build institutional capabilities
  • Focus on results.